vacuum cleaners are one of the most essential cleaning tools for your business or home . Choosing the right vacuum is easy. There are hundreds of different vacuum cleaners to choose from, each with a list of features that may or may not fit your specific needs. We make finding your ideal vacuum easy. You can conveniently shop and compare vacuum cleaners right online, eliminating the need for traveling from store to store.

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How to choose a vacuum cleaner Purchase of such simple and absolutely necessary device in a facilities an economy as the vacuum cleaner, in most cases plunges us into confusion. Attempt to be defined with a choice inevitably causes a question: and how in general to choose? Externally vacuum cleaners differ: On the size and weight vacuumcleaners In the form and color vacuumcleaners On management and a design of a tube, etc. However, as it is easily possible to guess, besides these external parameters, there are much others, much more important. Will agree, the main parameter of quality of a vacuum cleaner is an efficiency of cleaning which in a greater measure influence intensity of capacity{power} and system of a filtration. And first of all, we would advise you to be defined with system of gathering of a dust. CLEANING HAPPENS DIFFERENT... Surprisingly, the devices based same principle can be how much different. Cِملو modest house cleaners can be counted so much versions, how many can be variants of cleaning. Dry cleaning. Any vacuum cleaner can carry out dry cleaning of not so polluted surfaces, in effect, it is not discussed at all. Capacities up to 300 (the usual parameter) will suffice to release{exempt} from a dust linoleum, a parquet or even a carpet path with low pile much. If you hold houses of pets (certainly, woolly) - small fishes and it is not counted or the Persian carpets, or simply not so like to be cleaned{removed}, postponing boring procedure for tomorrow low power can to you and not suffice - in this case choose a vacuum cleaner, allowing to carry out cleaning the areas - capacity should make from 300 up to 450 kw. Damp cleaning. Independently vacuum cleaners which can make damp cleaning - so-called "washing" cost stand. In spite of the fact that they cost on the average time in three more expensively the dry colleagues, they have enough also advantages: owing to such vacuum cleaner it is possible, not having wetted hands to make full damp cleaning a room - not only floors, and and furniture, and even curtains. Optimum surfaces for damp cleaning are carpet coverings on thin to a basis, and also floors and the walls covered by a tile or paved by a stone. Washing vacuum cleaners are better for not using on a parquet, carpets on natural jute, on the made foam basis, and also on some subjects of furniture which are not suffering{bearing} a moisture (for example, the piano or a grand piano). Besides it now speak about so-called "robots-vacuum cleaners" which are ostensibly capable to clean{remove} your house independently, being recharged as required from the especial socket much. It sounds interestingly, but in practice such vacuum cleaners appear low-power enough, silly and exclusively dear{expensive} devices, capable to play unless a role. Their time has not come yet. in reviews: One of the most important characteristics of a vacuum cleaner is power WE SHALL BE ARRANGED MORE CONVENIENTLY... As well as all in the good house, the vacuum cleaner first of all should be convenient - both in work, and in storage. Of what there is such parameter of a vacuum cleaner, how convenience? First of all, the device should not, solving one problem to generate two others. . In particular, it concernsa way of recycling of end production of a vacuum cleaner - to a dust. Usual vacuum cleaners put{fold} the dust taken from carpets in special . there are as replaceable, disposable, and constants which can be shaken out and used anew. As a rule, vacuum cleaners allow to use both types that is very convenient: if there are spare capacities, it is possible to use them, are not present - we put "eternal" . The modest and sound decision. Containers. In larger models the question of recycling of rubbish can be solved and in another way. In the special container the dust gets off in special big then you can simply take and throw out it{her} in a bucket - ithas already lost the loose properties. It is possible to consider as serious lacks of this way, first, the raised{increased} noise level as the container resounds, and secondly, restrictions on dimensions of a vacuum cleaner. it is possible to make small, and the container, unfortunately, should be enough greater{big}. The water filter. At last, in the most advanced systems the so-called water filter is used. The vacuum cleaner tightens air, passes{} it{} through a layer of water, and then lets out releases clean. Water after that pours out. Unique lack of this advanced system consists that in some cases water, to put it mildly, is not quite convenient for pouring out. Length of a cord. Besides on convenience (to be exact, on inconvenience) the length of an electrocord can affect influence very strongly. Strangely enough, come across also very short - from three meters. By estimations of our experts normal The length begins with 6 meters. It is already inconvenient more shortly. However, manufacturers of vacuum cleaners with short cords to understand it is possible: if the device could not be put a compact, long cord absolutely. Compactness. At last, any vacuum cleaner the most part of the life stands idle. It needs a den where it could have a rest from the works. Naturally, the the vacuum cleaner is larger, the it is more than place borrows. Compact vacuum cleaners, certainly, to store more conveniently, but they have a number of the lacks. In particular, it is difficult to count not only on the water filter, but also on the "advanced" container for gathering a dust. And it let alone capacity: it is very difficult to equip small with the powerful motor, and it is even more difficult to make so that this motor was so reliable, as well as at full-size machines. FOR SAFE CLEANING!.. The information century dictates the standards of safety, and western to reinsurance western and east manufacturers have somehow forgot to make simple and reliable devices, compensating it is various " protective functions ". Among them it is possible to allocate, first of all, function of blocking of false start-up - if you have forgotten to establish capacity for gathering a dust, the engine will not join and by that will be rescueedfrom serious troubles. Many old vacuum cleaners strongly suffered from an overheat - modern models are equipped with function of the temperature protection which are disconnectingthe device when the temperature comes nearer to a critical mark. At last, function of smooth start of the engine preserves a vacuum cleaner against excessive loadings. Besides experts have come to conclusion, that the vacuum cleaners collected in the Europe, as a whole are much more reliable and the models collected in Asia are less subject to various to unexpected breakages, than. Regardless to various protective functions, certainly. It is necessary to note, that behind frameworks of our today's research there were many interesting properties of a modern vacuum cleaner. For example, we have not talked about nozzles - this theme demands separate illustrated clause. We also have bypassed attention design of a vacuum cleaner: the vacuum cleaner happens is visible very seldom, the most part of day it sits in any dark corner, and on eyes does not come across. In the party there were also some exotic functions, for example, the built in steam and gas generators. Therefore in details to understand features of modern vacuum cleaners our thematic reviews listed below and the dictionary of terms will help. Nevertheless, as all most important has been told, we hope, that a vacuum cleaner which you will choose, you will not disappoint.
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